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Our history

The history of Handeland Gard spans over 200 years and six generations. The farm’s origins can be traced back to 1858 when it was divided into two equal-sized farms. Johannes Knutson, the grandfather of current owner Ivar Johannes, bought Handeland back from his sister Marta in 1905 after having been a gold miner in Alaska at the age of 25. He chose electricity as a replacement for water rights during the power development, an innovative decision that provides the farm with free electricity to this day.

Johannes also expanded the farm by purchasing two new farms, “Litlahaugen” in 1909 and “Ekrå” in 1929, to ensure good summer pasture for the animals. Summer farming continued here until 1998.

Johannes Handeland i font.

Johannes Handeland in the front

In 1938, Johannes built Minnehaugen Turisthytte in anticipation of a possible road to Seljestad. After Johannes’ death in 1940 and a fire at Handeland in 1941, a new house was built in 1945, which has since been renovated and made available for accommodation. Johannes’ widow, Jorunn, ran the farm until 1963. Their son Olav (father of Ivar Johannes) took over with his wife Petra. They drifted the farm, rented out Minnehaugen with a kiosk and café operation during Easter, and took all the animals to the summer pasture every summer. In 1987, they built a new cabin in Breiborg on the old mountain farm site.

In 2000, Ivar Johannes and Solfrid took over the farm. Ivar Johannes built a new barn and started organic meat production of Angus. He also renovated Minnehaugen and the cabin in Breiborg, in addition to building a new house for the family. Solfrid has been involved in renting out Minnehaugen.

December 2023 marked a turning point in the operation at Handeland as food production ceased in favor of full focus on tourism.

Sondre, Solfrid & Ivar Johannes
Sondre, Solfrid & Ivar Johannes
Glaping telt. Montering. Ivar Johannes Handeland


Our goal

We love this area and wants the world to experience it too. We offer accommodation and can tailor customized stays with a wide range of local nature experiences, including summit hikes, bread baking, bouldering, hiking, fishing, campfires, and more.

The rural surroundings make Handeland Lodge the perfect place to relax.

Gardshuset Handeland
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Ivar Johannes Handeland
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