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Topptur i Sauda
Photo: Cato Karbøl

Summit hikes

Summit hikes in Sauda

Explore Sauda’s majestic mountain landscape with our exciting summit hikes, available right outside the door of all our accommodation options. With dozens of fantastic routes to choose from, Sauda offers varied and challenging summit hiking experiences for everyone – regardless of skill level.

Do you have questions or would you like to tailor your perfect summit hiking experience? We are here to help! Whether you’re curious about routes, need a guide, or want to rent equipment, our team is available to make your summit hike in Sauda memorable.



Your guide to bouldering adventures

Meet Olve, a 33-year-old boulderer with over 9 years of experience in the climbing world. With previous experience as a climbing instructor and route setter at the Bergen Climbing Center, Olve brings expertise that makes bouldering an unforgettable experience.

Olve has a passion for discovering and developing his own boulder problems and has dedicated the last 2 years to this art in the Sauda area. With his own equipment package consisting of crash pads and chalk, he is ready to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced boulderer, Olve offers unique experiences for everyone. He can organize group bouldering at established locations or take groups who want to discover and shape their own boulders.

Kontakt oss to customize your bouldering experience.

Buldring på Breidborg. Olve Småmå
Photo: Åge Fjellheim Midthun
Oversiktsbilde Sauda


A gem for great experiences

Sauda, in Ryfylke, lies between Preikestolen and Trolltunga, along the National Tourist Route, just 2.5 hours from Stavanger.

The town offers a ski resort, an open-air swimming pool year-round, and the local community is characterized by the mountain landscape and an active industrial and agricultural society.

Explore the scenic surroundings year-round with well-marked trails for varied summer hikes and adventurous skiing in the winter.

Enjoy the unique and vibrant history; visit the mines and museum in the majestic Allmannajuvet, experience the power of nature at Svandalsfossen, or try the 18 hole mini golf in the city center. 


With and without skis

With over 100 km of marked ski trails winding through eight valleys, Sauda is a sought-after destination for cross-country skiing, randonee, snowboarding, and downhill skiing. Minnehaugen Turisthytte offers a privileged location with cross-country trails and an illuminated trail right outside the door – Sauda’s premier spot for cross-country skiing.

In the summer, the landscape opens up for fantastic hikes with opportunities for swimming, hunting, and fishing tailored to all skill levels. Explore Sauda’s beautiful terrain and experience the diversity of nature throughout all seasons.

Toppturer Sauda. Reinaskarnuten.
Rypejakt Sauda
Photo: Cato Karbøl

Hunting & fishing

Try your luck

Explore our diverse small freshwater swimming spots and try your luck with mountain trout, right outside your door. From spring, you can also enhance your fishing experience with boat rental at Breidborg.

For the hunter, the terrain opens up beautifully, especially from the Gampng Dome with trails leading towards the majestic Skaulen, perfect for grouse hunting. Hunting permits and fishing rods can easily be arranged for our visitors. For those especially interested, we may potentially offer an extra dimension to the hunting experience with small game hunting for deer. 

Kontakt oss for tailor your hunting and fishing experience.

Eldhus Handeland Lodge

bread and pizza baking

Back to the future

We are delighted to offer our guests a unique culinary experience with bread and pizza baking in our “Eldhus” on the farm. Seating is available for 10-12 people.

We will prepare and heat the oven for baking, a process that takes 4-5 hours. We offer the following packages:

Option 1 We provide a professional chef who handles everything from A to Z. This package includes pizza for up to 12 people and up to 20 loaves of bread. You also have the option to leave a piece of meat, such as a lamb leg, to cook overnight. Highly recommended!

Option 2 Guests bring their own bread dough of choice. It is possible to bake up to 20 loaves at once. We do not recommend baking pizza without professional supervision.

Contact us for tailor your food experience

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